• Health Responsibility

1. Interactive management.

Throughout the preparation of each report, communication with the client is permanently open so that:

  • PROMEDE requests the necessary documentation, which was not initially provided, and the clarifications required for the preparation of the medical-expert report.
  • The client will always find an answer to the problems and needs that may arise at each moment of the process (medical support to answer a demand or, where appropriate, to raise it; clarification of medical concepts that may require the lawyers who intervene in the case; preparation of ratifications in court, etc.).

3. Super Specialist Reports

Medical-expert reports carried out by qualified expert professionals, in the matter to be assessed on which the claim is concerned, with specific training in rare areas of the health branch that require the participation of a super specialist.

2. Health Responsibility Reports.

  • Initial evaluation report (orientation).
  • Expert analysis report with one or more medical specialists.
  • RS-VDC reports: It is the assessment of the damage suffered according to Baremo in force that comes derived from a possible sanitary responsibility (RS).
  • Ratification and defense of the report in court.
  • Reports of loss of profit.

4. Our expectations.

From PROMEDE we hope to achieve and maintain a relationship of trust with our clients based on our principles of legality, objectivity, transparency and independence, as well as our medical-expert methodology, characterized by rigor in the preparation of reports, fluidity and agility in communications with them.